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From a few of our happy clients.

Testimonials From Families We Have Helped

We love helping our clients custom design the blueprint of their Financial House.  Let us build or rebuild your Financial House the right way.  Contact us today to see how we can help you and your family.  We can help you with insurance,  investments,  mortgages,  estate planning,  wealth management,  and all debt strategies.

Helping Three Women With Personal Finances

We are honoured to be the professional financial advisors to Rachel, Joan and Adrienne.  Our mission is to educate and develop relationships with our clients and guide them every step of the way regarding personal finances.

Rachel, Joan and Adrienne talk in this testimonial video about how Blackmore Levy Group helped them with their personal finances.  Prior to meeting Joanna, these three ladies were not confident in how to handle the financial aspects of their lives.  As Joan says, “For whatever age you are you need someone to guide you…..”

We Can Enjoy Retirement With Ease

Thank you, Joanna and Oraine for saving me!  I didn’t think I’d be able to retire but after sitting with the ladies they designed the blueprint of my Financial House and not only am I getting a better return on my investments.  I was also able to retire from the job that I’d been at for almost 40 years as the pensions I’m receiving worked out to be more than I realized they’d be.  I’m a workaholic and will continue working my fun part-time job as I don’t want to not work.  I just wanted to work because I can, not because I had to.  Thank you again, ladies.

Saved From Bankruptcy

Thank you Oraine for all your patience, if it wasn’t for you and Joanna I would still be in a lot of financial trouble.  You ladies saved me from going bankrupt.  The plan you put together made so much sense and I loved that you didn’t judge me.  Thank you for everything and I will definitely refer my friends and family to you.

Early Retirement

My wife and I met with Joanna a few years ago and wanted to put a plan together for my retirement.  When she showed us the blue print of our Financial House, we were surprised and excited because it showed us that I could retire 3 years sooner than I thought.  So we put a plan together and picked the date I would retire.  Joanna worked with us to keep us on track and everything went to plan, we sold the big house we’d lived in and bought a beautiful smaller home.  We have more money than I thought we’d have so thank you again Joanna.  Everyone should call Joanna and her team and get the blue print of their Financial House.  Thank you!

Investment Property Mortgage

If it wasn’t for Joanna and her team I wouldn’t have been able to put a mortgage on the investment properties that I’d inherited.  Thank you again, Joanna, for all your help and for making me feel so special!!

Leveraging Equity

We’d like to express our thanks to the Blackmore Levy Group for the incredible work you’ve done for us recently.  The blue print of our Financial House that you provided us with was incredible.  Showing us how to use the equity in our home to pay off our outstanding debt and to cover the kitchen renovations that we’ve wanted to do for so long, was unbelievable.  With no debt and a brand new kitchen our monthly payments are lower now than they were before.  Plus, the information you provided us with regarding the fantastic RESP product has also put our mind at ease for our children’s educational expenses.  Winston, we’ll refer you to everyone we know!!  Thank you, Thank you Thank you!!

Peace Of Mind With Insurance And Segregated Funds

The Blackmore Levy Group were extremely helpful in working with me to understand the needs of my family and my small Business!  The blueprint of my Financial House was incredible.  It provided wonderful information in regards to the amount of life insurance I require to protecting my family, along with how investing in segregated funds have built-in protections for my family and my business.  I had no idea segregated funds existed.  Knowing that my family is now fully protected provides a great peace of mind.  Thank you, Winston, for all the time you spent explaining everything to me and for helping me plan my future.  I’m looking forward to working with you for many years to come.

Reducing Debt

If it wasn’t for the Blackmore Levy Group we wouldn’t have been able to keep our home.  My husband had been laid off and had a hard time finding new employment.  He even signed up with a temp agency just to make some money.  It got to the point that we couldn’t pay our mortgage and all our bills.  Luckily he found a new job so we went to our bank for a line of credit but they wouldn’t help us.  We were referred to Ellen and with the financial blue print she put together for us, not only did she save us $1100.00 a month, she also saved us from the stress and worry that we’d been under for too long.  With her help, we’ve paid off all our high interest debts and only have a new low mortgage payment.  Thanks again Ellen!

Building Our Financial House

Before we met Ellen, we were renting a townhouse, we had some savings and no life insurance.  Now we own a brand new townhouse, an emergency fund and we contribute to our savings every paycheque.  My family is properly protected with the right Life Insurance, a Will and a POA.  Thank you Ellen for building our Financial House and showing us what was possible!

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