Let's Talk About Money, Ladies!

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Let’s Talk About Money, Ladies!

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Money Mindset for Women


The reality is that at some point in your life you may be solely responsible for your finances.  We will help you learn how to navigate this journey the right way.


In this free seminar we will help you understand some very important financial facts that too many women don’t know about!


  • Is Your Family, Money, Home and Business protected, the right way?

  • Will You Outlive Your Money or Will Your Money Outlive You?

  • Do You Know What Happens If You Pass Away Without A Will?


Life events happen & big decisions need to be made.  Educating yourself will give you the tools you need to make those informed decisions.  Let us help you.



Who is this seminar for?

  • Single Women

  • Women in Committed Relationships

  • Married

  • Separated/Divorced

  • Widowed

Join Joanna Blackmore and her team, from the Blackmore Levy Group, for this free seminar 

Coming Soon!


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  • Estate Planning Checklist

  • Financial Planning Checklist

Meet the Blackmore Levy Team

The Blackmore Levy Group is a team of highly trained, licensed Financial Architects

Joanna Blackmore

Joanna Blackmore

Chief Financial Architect

Tel. No. 905.520.6520

e-mail: theukgirl@theblgroup.ca

Winston Thompson

Winston Thompson

Financial Architect

Tel. no.  905.464.4554

e-mail:  winston@theblgroup.ca

Oraine DeRosa

Oraine DeRosa

Financial Architect

Tel. No.  905.704.9716

e-mail:  oraine@theblgroup.ca

Ellen Jones

Ellen Jones

Financial Architect

Tel No. 905.975.6350

e-mail:   ellen@theblgroup.ca

Let’s Talk About Money, Ladies!

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