On Thursday, February 24, 2022, Vladimir Putin waged war on Ukraine. He sent missiles, tanks, boats and helicopters in a strategic attack against the brave defenders of Ukraine. Many brave Ukrainian soldiers and civilians, young and old, who have never fought before, are fighting for their lives and for their country’s freedom.

The 13 brave soldiers that were guarding Snake Island did not surrender to the Russian warship – they stayed strong and met their fate on their feet, not on their knees.

Well, the world economy and the markets didn’t surrender either.

Before we dive into what happened…. Let’s put it into the right context, before talking about your investments, retirement funds, house, money, business, etc.  We’re safe in Canada enjoying stability, prosperity and many blessings that others don’t have.

Many of us have only heard stories from our parents and grandparents of their experiences during WWII and the threat of another war is causing us to panic.

While Canada and other countries invoke sanctions against Russia, we are safe here in Canada.

Remember This Week and The Lessons

Now, let’s talk about money and what happened in the markets.  And what’s next.

Well, Thursday, February 24, 2022 was a huge lesson for us all. The financial markets took a huge dive Thursday morning so anyone that sold in a panic in the morning was in total regret by lunchtime and in pure disbelief by 4pm!

This day was also a historic lesson for 2 reasons, unfortunately Russia invaded the Ukraine and the Nasdaq took the biggest one-day point gain on record, since 1971.

Once again too many people reacted too quickly to the devastating news by selling too quickly and letting fear take over.

There will always be shocking, negative news and ill-informed people that will scare the inexperienced investors.  Please make sure you talk to us for valuable, financial advice.  We explain it so you understand it!

By the way, has anyone explained to you about the 3 D’s of Investing?

  1. Diversification
  2. Dollar Cost Averaging
  3. Discipline

Fortunately, all of our clients are invested in Diversified portfolios and understand that this is the perfect time to be Disciplined!

The reopening, post-pandemic trade will continue in the markets. Investors will turn their attention back to inflation, the Bank of Canada interest rate hikes, employment and corporate earnings.

Remember this week and the lessons?  Ignore the noise.  Getting Older is inevitable!

Keep a long-term perspective.  Are you investing for a house?  Your Kid’s future?  Retirement?  Look at the index charts over the decades. It will show you that by staying invested in a Diversified portfolio, your money will grow and you will be happy.

Stay invested.  Don’t react to headlines.  Ignore advice from social media.  We’re not smarter than the market.

Don’t look at your portfolio every day.  Focus on your financial future. Please reach out to us so that we can put a customized blueprint of YOUR Financial House together.

Remember the facts.  Please pray for Ukraine.  Markets are like the unknown and care only about creating and trading wealth. We’re still heading into a period of global expansion. Inflation is high and interest rates are increasing.  Many people will be heading back to their workplace in 2022.  Some corporations will continue to pivot and some will continue to make money.

We’re so blessed to live in Canada.

Please call us at  1-888-520-6520  or connect with us for a FREE Private and non-judgemental conversation and together we will build or re-build YOUR Financial House the right way!!

Worry less. Live more. And remember this week and the lessons!

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