Who would have believed that it’s already October 2020 and we are still in the midst of this pandemic?  All of our lives have been impacted over the past 7 months, financially and emotionally.  Are you struggling with financial challenges? We truly believe that we will get through this, as we have with other health and economic financial situations before.

CTV news  talks about how the pandemic has affected Canadians.Two years of income up in the air.  How the pandemic has impacted Canadians’ finances”.

Since March, we have been hearing from people who are struggling with financial challenges. Recently we have helped families in many different ways:

  1. Made sure their family is properly protected in every way
  2. Relieved financial stress by eliminating high debt loads and saved them money
  3. Paid off high interest debt by re-mortgaging their home at record low interest rates
  4. Protected their investments so that they are better off now, than before COVID-19

We have even helped a family that really thought they were going to have to sell their home. Luckily, we saved them over $3,300 a month and they were able to keep their lovely house.

The truth is, it’s not that hard to get on the right financial path. We would love to help, by showing you a customized Blueprint of YOUR Financial House!!

Your Blueprint will show you exactly how we can help you relieve your financial challenges and stress and plan for your successful future.


We are here to help you and we are looking for people that are ready to build their Financial House the right way!  Let’s get rid of your financial challenges.


What are your Financial Challenges?

Here’s who we can help. People that have:

  1. Too much debt and not enough money
  2. Deferred their mortgage payments
  3. Concerns about their investments
  4. Little or no Life Insurance
  5. No emergency fund
  6. A mortgage and equity in their home
  7. A mortgage with Mortgage Life Insurance

Unfortunately, money and financial challenges cause a lot of hardship in families and we at the Blackmore Levy Group are here to help you.  We custom design and build or re-build your Financial House the right way.

Please call one of the Financial Architects at the Blackmore Levy Group at  1.888.520.6520 or connect with us via email for a FREE Audit of your Financial House.  This is a private and non-judgemental consultation.

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