We truly believe this pandemic is a short-term event and that we will get through this, as we have with other economic situations and incidents in the past. We, at the Blackmore Levy Group, have been very busy helping people find money and showing them how to invest in uncertain times. We want to share the following great information with you. Unfortunately, most people don’t know that some of these options are available to them.


The news is filled with stories of market highs and lows, declines and recoveries and we need to stay focused on coming out stronger in the end. On April 9th, the S&P 500 posted the best week since 1974! One of the best ways to deal with the current market volatility is to focus on your long-term goals and not react emotionally with short term information.

Remember, there are 3 D’s to investing:

  1. Diversification
  2. Dollar Cost Averaging
  3. Discipline



Luckily, all of our clients are in a Diversified portfolio. Diversification is a technique that reduces risk by spreading your money out over a number of different investments. Instead of investing all of your money in one stock, like Apple, you invest in a mixture of various instruments and companies, such as fixed income, Canadian equities and U.S. & International equities.

Dollar Cost Averaging

If you are putting money in the market every month,it’s called Dollar Cost Averaging.  It eliminates having to predict when your investments will be at their highest or lowest, so when you’re investing regularly (monthly, bi-weekly or weekly), you’ll always make money.  For example, you could buy 10 units this month, 8 units next month and then 15 the month after!!


Being Disciplined is the hardest rule to keep, especially in situations like this. When it comes to investing, patience is a virtue. By maintaining your focus and staying invested through all market activity, you can increase the long-term return potential of your portfolio. This ensures that you won’t miss out on potential gains when markets are rising. Everything is on sale right now and the prices are incredible!

Please check out this article from Dynamic Funds which explains in more detail how to invest in uncertain times.



While the investment markets have been up and down, the interest rates have been among the lowest since 2008! This is a perfect opportunity to refinance or renegotiate your mortgage, in order to:

  • Pay off your high interest debts
  • Build an Emergency Fund
  • Invest in the market while it is still on sale

Invest in the markets now. As Warren Buffett once said, as an investor, it is wise to

Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.

Housing values are still high, and this is the perfect time to take advantage of the equity that has built up in your home.

Interest rates on mortgages right now are still very low. A lot of our clients are taking advantage of this and we don’t want you to miss out.

We have been busy helping many families refinance to free up money.

Reverse Mortgages –What You May Not Know

For those of you who are 55 and over, who may not qualify for a standard mortgage, you could qualify for a Reverse Mortgage. Most people don’t know how a reverse mortgage works. Some of the benefits are:

  1. you don’t have to prove income,
  2. you don’t have to have good credit
  3. you are not restricted as to what you are going to use the money for

Right now, you can qualify for a reverse mortgage for less than 5%. These low rates are unheard of and can be much cheaper than other borrowing methods.

We want to make sure you know that we are here to help you and show you how to invest in uncertain times, discuss your current challenges and future goals. At Blackmore Levy Group, our passion is helping and educating people.  If you need help finding money to invest in uncertain times, we can help you,

Since many people are going through challenges right now, please know that we are here for you, no matter what your financial situation. Call us at 1.888.520.6520 or connect with us here.

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