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Protect Your Income & Assets with Insurance, Wills & POA

Eliminating Bad Debt

Credit Card and Debt Consolidation, Refinancing

Leveraging Good Debt

Mortgages and Investment Loans

Building Wealth

TFSA, RRSP, RESP, Real Estate, Financial Investments

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We are a full-service Financial Brokerage with over 60 years of combined industry knowledge. Expert Advice with state of the art, customized solutions!  The customized “Blueprint of your Financial House” is a proprietary software program that was years in development with a significant investment of time and resources. It provides our clients with a simple easy to follow customized blueprint offered exclusively through our Financial Architects.

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We Custom Design The Blueprint Of Your Financial House

Let us build or rebuild your Financial House the right way.

The Blackmore Levy Group is a team of highly trained, licensed Financial Architects who can assist you in reaching your financial goals.  Let one of our Financial Architects sit down with you to go over your financial goals and custom design the personalized blueprint of your Financial House.

Every house needs to have a strong foundation or it will collapse and that’s exactly where we start, by protecting the foundation of your Financial House. Then we eliminate any bad debt, leverage your good debt, while we’re building your wealth for retirement, so you can reach your vision, your dreams, and your goals.

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Home to the Blackmore Levy Team

The Blackmore Levy Group is a team of highly trained, licensed Financial Architects
Joanna Blackmore

Joanna Blackmore

Chief Financial Architect

Tel. No. 905.520.6520


Winston Thompson

Winston Thompson

Financial Architect

Tel. no.  905.464.4554


Oraine DeRosa

Oraine DeRosa

Financial Architect

Tel. No.  905.704.9716


Mitchell Blackmore

Mitchell Blackmore

Financial Architect

Tel. No. 905.536.2218


Ellen Jones

Ellen Jones

Financial Architect

Tel No. 905.975.6350


What Our Customers Say

We’d like to express our thanks to the Blackmore Levy Group for the amazing work you’ve done for us recently.  The blueprint of our Financial House that you provided us with was incredible.  Showing us how to use the equity in our home to pay off our outstanding debt and to cover the kitchen renovations that we’ve wanted to do for so long, was unbelievable.

With no high interest debt and a brand new kitchen, our monthly payments are lower now than they were before.  Plus, the information you provided us with regarding the fantastic RESP product has also put our mind at ease for our children’s educational expenses. We’ll refer you to everyone we know!!  Thank you, Thank you Thank you!!

Hamilton Family

The Blackmore Levy Group were extremely helpful in working with me to understand the needs of my family and my small business!  The blueprint of my Financial House was incredible.  It provided wonderful information in regards to the amount of life insurance I require to protecting my family, along with how investing in segregated funds have built-in protections for my family and my business.  I had no idea segregated funds existed.

Knowing that my family is now protected provides a great piece of mind.  Thank you for all the time you spent explaining everything to me and for helping me plan my future.  I’m looking forward to working with you for many years to come.

Burlington Family

Featured Case Studies

We love helping individuals and families build or rebuild their Financial House the right way.  Here are some of the people we have helped.

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